Motorcycle Luggage – Panniers, Tail Packs And Tank Bags For Motorbike Adventures

Motorcycle Tank Bag

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If you’ve just started your biking career or for some reason haven’t gotten round to picking up any motorcycle luggage yet then a tank bag is probably the first piece of kit you’ll want to buy. Of course if you’re sitting down to plan a full-on, month long touring holiday then this isn’t going to cut it, but for everyday use and practicality you really can’t beat the tank bag.

Many of us use a motorcycle primarily for the enjoyment we get out of traveling on it rather than as everyday transport, so its a vehicle that doesn’t have to fulfill as many roles as a car. At the same time having a little space to carry some shopping, extra clothing or a map when venturing off onto new roads can be a real bonus.

Tank bags are one of those things that so many of us fail to purchase but when you get used to using one you wonder how you ever managed without it.

Reasons for not getting a tank bag

There are three reasons often cited for giving this handy motorcycle luggage a miss:

1. Some argue that having a bag on your tank is going to have a detrimental effect on the handling of your bike – If you are bothered by having a bag slightly impeding your steering then it possible you won’t get used to using one of these. If that’s the case you might be better getting a tail pack.

2. If you fit one you won’t be able to see your dials – True, some high capacity bags can give problems when filled with all your stuff, you can either get used to it or buy a smaller model.

3. People who haven’t used them fear that a magnetic tank bag will be in danger of sliding off your motorbike when traveling at speed, especially round corners – No matter how hard you ride I can assure you from personal experience, these bags won’t budge.

4. The Bag will scratch the tank – This is not usually a big enough problem to put me off especially these days when most have enough padding to protect against scratching. It has been known to happen on occasions when dust and dirt find their way under the bag but the easy solution is to keep things as clean as possible. On this point, make sure you magnet hasn’t picked up any rogue metal material before you attach it to your bike or you could end up with a nightmare on your hands.


Strap Vs Magnetic Tank Bag

They come in two flavors, magnetic or strap and whichever you choose is really down to personal preference, although magnetic tank bags seem to be more popular you’ll obviously need a metal fuel tank to use one. Magnetic numbers are great for ease of putting on/taking off the bike although they are more susceptible to thieves so you probably won’t want to leave it unattended on your bike. Strap bags tend to move about on the tank more when your moving for if you want a secure fit better go for a magnetic tank bag.

What to look for when looking to purchase

1. Straps to make it easy to carry around when off the bike
2. A clear plastic map pouch on the top so you can tell where you are going
3. A waterproof cover for the rare occurrence when it rains in the UK
4. Lots of extra little pockets for holding keys, money, odds and ends
5. Look for one with a big enough capacity to hold what you want without being too bulky on the bike

In conclusion, tank bags are awesome and if you want to carry a small but reasonable amount of stuff when you’re out on your bike you really can go wrong picking one up.

Motorcycle Tank Bag