Motorcycle Luggage – Panniers, Tail Packs And Tank Bags For Motorbike Adventures

Motorcycle Tail Pack

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For me the magnetic tank bag is the most convenient piece of motorcycle luggage and I wouldn’t be without one. In fact, my tank bag sits on bike most of the year as its so useful I use it just about every time I’m out as its the perfect size to hold enough stuff for my daily needs.

For times when I need a little extra storage space I usually call my tail pack into action. Tail packs surprisingly enough sit on the tail of the bike behind the rider where the pillion passenger would usually sit. I never carry a pillion so having a bag that goes in their place is perfect for me.

When to use a tail pack? Everyone is different when considering how much motorcycle luggage space is enough for certain situation. For most people a tank bag is going to do just fine for most purposes throughout the year but having a tail bag can come in handy when your looking to make a trip of a few days and don’t have to think about accommodating a passenger. They can also great if you use your bike for doing something like a large food shop. No point getting the car out of the garage when you can do these things on a bike if you ask me and with at least 30 liters capacity you can fit plenty in there.

Motorcycle Tail Pack

Motorcycle Tail Pack

Advantages of a motorcycle tail bag

1. Increase the carrying capacity of your motorcycle by 40 liters quickly and easily.

2. Easily straps onto the pillion seat with making any modifications to your bike.

3. Cheap – You can pick up a quality item for £40

4. Less obstruction caused to the rider compared to a tank bag when out on the road.

5. Many with Backpack straps so you can easily carry them when you are off the bike.

Disadvantages of the motorcycle tail pack

There’s not much that I don’t like about tail packs, certainly not enough that it would put me off ever using one but the disadvantages may be enough to make you consider a different luggage option.

1. As already mentioned you’ll have to leave the pillion passenger at home if you choose a tail bag so if you like to ride 2 up much of the time you might want to give them a miss.

2. Some people don’t like the way they look. Not a problem to me but if you are that way inclined you might want to consider the appearance of a potential purchase before handing over the cash. If you are willing to splash out a little you should be able to find a pack these days that looks good on the back of your bike.

3. Can make it a struggle to get on your bike. The obstruction caused by having a big bag sticking out the rear of a motorbike can cause those of us who are rapidly advancing in years to have a bit of nightmare trying to get on our seat. Check you are capable of the necessary gymnastics before you buy a tail pack.

4. Unfortunately these bags aren’t usually water proof but they usually come with a cover that will keep most of the rain out. I always stick sensitive belongings in plastic before packing as I would with a tank bag, just to be on the safe side.

5. There’s a possibility that it may affect the handling characteristics of your motorbike.

The bottom line is that if you need some extra, affordable luggage space for your motorcycle and don’t often carry a pillion passenger you should seriously consider getting a tail pack to strap on to your rear.